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The otters enjoy protective status and it is illegal to harm them or interfere with their habitat. Otter numbers plummeted in Britain in the s due largely to pollution from pesticides and habitat loss. He also conceded that the carnivorous mammals would have regenerated naturally without the help from wildlife campaigners.

Wingham fishery

BNPS "In the meantime we could have lost some historic fish. It was therefore essential to act before otters returned to this area of Kent.

Wingham fishery

Wingham fishery

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  1. Their numbers returned once we stopped using horrible pesticides. Steve Burke, who owns Wingham Fisheries, said it was only a matter of time before otters targeted his fish that include nine carp weighing more than 50lbs, prompting him to install the fencing.

  2. But in recent years carp and barbel have been threatened by the resurgence of the wild otter population in Britain, which eat the fish.

  3. But since otter hunting was banned in and organochlorine pesticides were phased out they have successfully recolonised many of our waterways, with the help of wildlife conservationists. It was therefore essential to act before otters returned to this area of Kent.

  4. The trust then awards grants to fisheries wishing to install otter-proof fencing to protect their stock. A number of fisheries have had to close as a result of the loss of stock.

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