What happened to iyanla vanzant


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Iyanla was born to an alcoholic mother as a result of the extramarital affair which also made her experience severe and unpleasant childhood. Here she trains spiritual leaders and ordained ministers near her home in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Her sales totaled eight million copies.

What happened to iyanla vanzant

When Sarah Jefferson died from breast cancer in , Rhonda went to live with various paternal relatives, one of whom raped her at the age of nine. The speaker has a medium height that suits her influential personality.

What happened to iyanla vanzant

What happened to iyanla vanzant

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  1. After her first born child, Gemmia, passed away to colon cancer on Christmas Day at the age of 34, Vanzant fell into bankruptcy, a suicidal depression, and homelessness.

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