What are the statistics of marrying a millionaire


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What are the statistics of marrying a millionaire

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What are the statistics of marrying a millionaire

What are the statistics of marrying a millionaire

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  1. Millionaires are more than likely not hanging out in diners or driving down run-down roads like some romantic comedies depict when the guy meets the girl.

  2. Makes sense since high paying jobs often require higher levels of education e. Personal finance sites do a lot of things, but most of all, they make you pay attention to your finances.

  3. Now he is in the process of divorcing her again. I suspect the actual number is higher due to stealth wealth and plenty of unreported or underreported assets.

  4. This is actually getting more true instead of less true, as a women have become increasingly rich and well-educated in the past two generations and b technology has enabled people to find and rank each other more easily and c rising wealth and education is correlated highly with use of birth control and waiting later to get married, so women have more of an opportunity to shop around and choose good mates. Perhaps its easier to mobilize a smaller population to heavily invest in their future, as is the case with Singapore and its 5.

  5. Every investment opportunity is met with anxiety about a scam and every encounter with the opposite sex leaves the wealthy person wary of ulterior motives.

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