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Here I will show you 10 of the best anime sites that are worth trying. Apart from that, Anime-Planet is really a great place to enjoy your favourite anime videos. I am sure once they find another hosting service they should be back up and running within a month or so.

Websites for anime

Not friendly experience for novice users Too many tiny tags for users to choose from Search engine usually returns irrelevant results Ani. Crunchyroll Crunchyroll is no wonder one of the best anime sites. One good thing is that you can still explore into more by navigating to the anime list on this site, while you could see the videos well organized in categories.

Websites for anime

Websites for anime

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  1. In such case, clearing your DNS cache and re-visiting the Anime Crazy website should solve the problem.

  2. Apart from that, Anime-Planet is really a great place to enjoy your favourite anime videos.

  3. Provides free anime available through the site Complete collection of anime series in categories Some of the videos can be downloaded for watching offline Cons: Clicking into the name of an anime in the list will take you to the video page with other all episodes available.

  4. Android app for you to stream this site on mobiles is likewise available on Google Play. Aside from that, the video loads faster compared to others, no buffering, no annoying ads while watching.

  5. Also, if you need help you can check out their Questions section or contact by email and someone will be there to help you out! There is also a New Season tab, showing you the newly released anime series.

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