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Grahrk found Vos broken and beaten along side the corpse of Commander Faie. Grahrk saw Vos as an opportunity to break even, and placed the bet with the longest odds of all—that Vos would survive long enough to get away from the Smugglers' Moon.



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  1. With typical faithfulness to his employers, Grahrk told the Jedi everything he knew—though not before they had used the Force to help him win some dice rolls. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

  2. Grahrk was next hired to smuggle weapons to the convicts on Kiffex , but was shot down by the Kiffu Guardians and imprisoned himself. After that, Vos attempted to contact Khaleen Hentz but the tall trees caused interference with the holocomm.

  3. For other "Morgon" uses, see Morgon disambiguation.

  4. However, Solo and Chewbacca would escape and recapture the Falcon from Grahrk.

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