Upward curved erection


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They can also rule out any other possible causes. The curvature allows each thrust to come with an added ability to rub the tip of the penis against the vaginal walls as well as the G-spot.

Upward curved erection

Doctors are not entirely certain what causes Peyronie's disease. There are three operations available: If you are not ready to straighten your banana penis you have to learn to live with your manhood as it is.

Upward curved erection

Upward curved erection

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  1. This can also reduce pain but appears to have no effect on the plaques and can also cause unpleasant side-effects. But doctors recommend waiting at least 12 months before considering surgery, as the condition can improve without treatment in some men.

  2. Should I see a doctor? Your first and most important task is to determine why is your penis curved:

  3. A plaque on the underside causes it to bend downward. It just takes some time, persistence, and the correct tools.

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