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These cpu reports were generated using XCode. When user taps on "Read more" the component will switch from trimmed mode to full mode. ImageContext , as ctx:

Uitextview background image

Thus this method should not have any side effects. If you set the action to a bound method, the name has to begin with self. Meanwhile, the background threads can process render events for other chat messages in parallel.

Uitextview background image

Uitextview background image

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  1. A CALayer can be thought of as the backing drawing unit of a view. The expectation to have a responsive chat during video playback requires us to have a rich text implementation that minimizes the burden on the main thread and does not leave a big memory footprint.

  2. For the sake of expediency and acceptable performance, our first implementation was based on UIWebView, but its high in-process memory usage would result in the app being jettisoned while the user was engaged in a broadcast.

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