Twerk lesbians


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This fall, Portland State University allowed students to choose from nine genders and nine sexual orientations when filling out demographic paperwork. It now calls the weekly bash Queer Bait.

Twerk lesbians

Davis is a lesbian. WW staff writer Beth Slovic contributed to this report.

Twerk lesbians

Twerk lesbians

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  1. But language has also changed.

  2. But am I a girl? Or did it vanish because mainstream culture has evolved, turning every bar in Portland—from Sloan's Tavern to the Florida Room—into an unofficial lesbian bar?

  3. Now she mourns the loss:

  4. WW staff writer Beth Slovic contributed to this report. The transgender rights movement that's gained steam in recent years has exploded the categories of gay and straight and male and female.

  5. Kim Davis, owner of the now-closed E-Room, cites a combination of factors that doomed her business after 15 years.

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