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I got a third at Pallamallawa, a no place at Coolatai and then slid under one at Delungra, got kicked in the head and retired. I squeeze in an occasional breath that's deep Reality streams in like water running in steep But in a heartbeat I exhale to expel it all out For I am addicted to the current and its strong-armed clout. The funny thing is that while I wrote the poem it always belonged to Billy.

Turbulence poem

Now I may not look like the rodeo type but my career was, well, far less than spectacular. Suddenly tiny creatures each small hand holding a glowing ember, as they flit on tiny wings offering hope from up above.

Turbulence poem

Turbulence poem

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  1. Macca played it on Australia All Over on May 8. I have a lot of happy stories about Billy and Jan.

  2. It would certainly end up cementing my career as a poet.

  3. Amongst those speaking at the service were family friends Andrew Smith and Gary King, Bill's children Billy, Jenny and Matthew and several of his grandchildren. Null regions, temp idle chance, The Mirrored Realm on high, indeterminately drifts.

  4. It would certainly end up cementing my career as a poet. He was a skilled stockman who loved working with horses and was well known nationally as the hero in Murray Hartin's famous bush poem 'Turbulence'.

  5. Billy was always happy to remind me of the one time he and Jan came to the Tamworth Country Music Festival in

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