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Sometimes I overheard her practicing her speech, and she will smiled and stop practicing when ever she noticed I heard her. Before I get on the story.


And also, I prayed that she will be a good girl, daughter and sister. As her parents, we're so proud with her achievement this year. It's Tini's Graduation Day!



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  1. I took the liberty to order 50 pieces of colourful decorated cookies from Fida, but pity the kids, I found out that food are not allowed in school because they are afraid of any food allergy among the kids. While waiting, we were entertained by the kids from the other class that already had their concert the day before.

  2. Her class teacher, Miss Alvita. FS1 Foundation Stage 1 , the child must be 4 years old by March of if they want to start at September

  3. I don't care what other people think.

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  5. They grouped the children according to their classes.

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