Time travel video games


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Dota 2 Long ago, I swore to myself that if Dota 2 can feasibly be on a list, it will be on that list. Fortunately, as enjoyable as the game was, the scene has evolved considerably in the past 35 years or so.

Time travel video games

Oracle can preserve his teammates within a time field, staving off death and damage for a short period of time. The game presents several non-linear plotlines, each with their own branches.

Time travel video games

Time travel video games

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  1. The time travel is mostly used for plot rather than actual gameplay, but the number of branching endings and scenes depending on when you visit people and when you choose to fight Lavos and in what time period give Chrono Trigger an edge few can match. The Time Sweeper makes use of several time-travel mechanics and a super-powered vacuum to create a charming game about manipulating reality.

  2. The Silent Age A compelling, atmospheric side-scrolling adventure puzzler, The Silent Age embraces the idea of time travel as a key game mechanic. The skittering bug Weaver is an insect-like being that weaves time and space, allowing it to revert itself to a former state of being at any time.

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