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Oh, and pay attention to the full interview as he prescribes an important homework assignment for the Daily Stoic community. The style of delivery may not be for everyone; it's certainly not touchy-feely or woo-woo but a blunt, self-reliant, and self-controlled approach to personal enlightenment and moral improvement.

Tim ferriss letters from a stoic

How does Stoicism help during such periods? Overall, I would say that I view Stoicism not only as a means for greater effectiveness—which it certainly is — but also as a tool for creating a better, less divisive world. Those are a few that come to mind right off the bat.

Tim ferriss letters from a stoic

Tim ferriss letters from a stoic

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  1. There are a few very specific ways that Stoic practices help on a daily basis. Both Stoicism and Buddhism focus quite extensively on awareness of impermanence, so the practices are often complementary.

  2. This is completely excellent, a highly inspiring work.

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