The sugar daddy diaries


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He views intimacy as a commodity and he wants the rewards of a devoted girlfriend but also the freedom of a bachelor lifestyle. The book represents the Helen's experience, on www.

The sugar daddy diaries

Pre-occupied Ever the gentleman, Roger let me choose the venue. My second hurdle was that, as a not particularly classy kind of gal, I spend most of my time trying to find the cheapest double gin and tonic in London — not really the ideal place to bring your 65 year old multimillionaire date. We both seemed reluctant to part with too much personal information, perhaps to avoid revealing a shady past or a wife and kids at home or in my case the fact that I was entirely inexperienced and desperately trying to avoid making a complete fool out of myself.

The sugar daddy diaries

The sugar daddy diaries

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  1. After a quick google search I settled for a cocktail bar in Kensington. The chat was professional and reserved.

  2. You were honest and gave it a good perspective.

  3. He finds that a financial investment is often a substitute for an emotional affection and acceptance.

  4. Helen Croydon offers the insight for those who are curious, but afraid to ask. The book represents the Helen's experience, on www.

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