The romantic song


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You have to laugh at some of these songs, but the content is meaningful and serious. How many of us have entered into relationships disapproved of by others, or heard passing comments to try and make us doubt ourselves?

The romantic song

The lesson is simple — ignore the fools. The million-selling song is a cheerful representation of the optimism we feel in our infatuations — for many of us, oceans and mountains are no barrier to being with the one we love. The subject of the song, naturally, is mortified to learn that his girlfriend has left him, but is reassured when he discovers she still loves him.

The romantic song

The romantic song

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  1. Praise for the songwriting came thick and fast, the track was a huge success, and it just goes to show you can improve on perfection!

  2. Hey, when did you last call your parents? Sometimes the songs are flattering toward women, but when you look at them through gender glasses, you see this secret oppression.

  3. It can make us angry or calm, bring back memories, and it can remind us of those most important to us.

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