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I moved that meaning into the Misc section. Arithmetic associated with these figures shows that the shortweight figures have a hundredweight of lb. Please do not modify it.


It will vary, of course, if you choose to use a different acceleration to define your pounds force; unlike kilograms force, pounds force do not have an official, universal definition. Well, to start there's pounds difference between the two, and they're in different measurement systems. By the way, tun volume should be in that article as it is the etymological root of all the other tons as well as the barrel of that size.



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  1. Those pounds are, by definition, units of mass exactly equal to 0.

  2. They would, better and more properly, be sections in a single article on ton.

  3. Anecdotally, my personal experience in New Zealand previously Imperial , is that the pronunciation of "tonne" and the use of "metric ton" is very much associated with level of education. This deserves some discussion, or at least a mention, in the main article.

  4. The force units and mass units are different units; that needs clarification here. Merging also does not seem like it would reduce much duplicated information.

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