Swinging for the downs origin


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The idea was that, thanks to its feathers, the flatulence of a duck would be pretty muffled and soft, much like a bloop single look, we never said it was a perfect fit. In the days before lighting systems made night games possible, most ballparks were oriented so that the batter would be looking east out to the mound -- in order to avoid having to stare into the glare of the afternoon sun.

Swinging for the downs origin

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Swinging for the downs origin

Swinging for the downs origin

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  1. The plan worked like gangbusters: It's a question every baseball fan has asked themselves at some point:

  2. The pitch first popped up in the 19th century, but never quite caught on.

  3. Pickering had become a legend as a Minor Leaguer in the Texas League, and he was immediately placed atop Cleveland's lineup when he was called up -- he even holds the honor of taking the first at-bat in the history of the American League. When done well, it looks like this:

  4. Question in a baseball history quiz: Less commonly used for a ball that takes an unusual lateral bounce to elude an infielder.

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