Spouses cheating on each other


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I have loved everything about him since the day we met," kind of jumps out at me. Well, you reached out to me, which suggests you want to save this relationship. Story continues below advertisement Even and this may seem counterintuitive when it comes to the affairs themselves.

Spouses cheating on each other

This gender difference could reflect the fact that men are more likely to be remarried than women after a divorce. How do I get over thinking it isn't fair?

Spouses cheating on each other

Spouses cheating on each other

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  1. Of course marriages can survive them. My own children, and their fellow millennials, roll their eyes at them.

  2. Secondly — and who knows, some sort of "renewal of vows" type of ceremony might be involved — you need to pledge fidelity to one another all over again. How do we get past it?

  3. It may be you should consider throwing in the towel on this particular relationship, and both waste no time trying to find someone a you will be faithful to, b who will be faithful to you.

  4. The pain I feel on a daily basis is horrible, and I'm starting to think of leaving the marriage.

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