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Softball nickname generator

Portland Pioneers In , Portland was granted an NBA expansion franchise and team officials announced a name-the-team contest. These names are best suited to your short girlfriend or cute little sister.

Softball nickname generator

Softball nickname generator

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  1. When George Shinn announced that Spirit would be the nickname of Charlotte's prospective expansion franchise in , the fans voiced their displeasure. Hunt said the name was locally important because Native Americans had once lived in the area, but he may have also been swayed by Kansas City mayor H.

  2. Put a bunch of players together for days -- away from family, friends and what any of us would consider a 'real' life -- and it only makes sense that unique monikers would spring up.

  3. He carried a stuffed gorilla to games. Washington Sea Dogs In the early s, Washington Bullets owner Abe Pollin became frustrated with the association of his team's nickname and gun violence.

  4. Other entries included Floridians, Juice, Orbits, Astronauts, Aquamen, and Sentinels, but the panel of judges, including Orlando team officials who reviewed the suggestions, decided to go with Magic. Freezer — You might not have heard this one before, but this relates to the large freezers that you have to bend down to use.

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