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In order to bridge the gap we need to integrate the development of culture, pedagogy and design. Smart Learning Contexts and Practices, https:


We expect students, wishing to take part in the contest, to analyze their learning ecosystem, detect problems and find solutions that can help their, and as well other learning ecosystems, to get smarter. These studios, in which we mainly teach service design and co-design methods and tools, were characterised by a strong connection with the local context, including a deep dive in specific neighbourhoods of Milan, activities such as citizen engagement and involvement of important stakeholders, such as the Municipality of Milan. Supporting Technologies to foster:



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  1. The smartness of learning ecosystems, thus, is not created merely through the availability of digital infrastructures and applications. Smart Learning Contexts and Practices N.

  2. Thus, smart does not necessarily includes the usage of technology neither does it exclude technology! The smartness of learning ecosystems, thus, is not created merely through the availability of digital infrastructures and applications.

  3. Opportunities and Challenges N. When technologies are both available and adopted enthusiastically, they can start to make a difference in both simplifying and accelerating progress toward the achievement of system smartness.

  4. Vision and Practical Implementations N.

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