Signs of a misogynist


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Infidelity comes naturally to him. The truth of misogynists The word misogynist literally means hatred of women.

Signs of a misogynist

He is very quick to resort to verbal abuse and physical violence in situations involving women. So, he can swiftly change from charming to rude, and from rude back to charming.

Signs of a misogynist

Signs of a misogynist

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  1. So, he can swiftly change from charming to rude, and from rude back to charming. He is possessive and sometimes jealous, especially when she talks and associates with other men.

  2. A misogynistic man will leave no stone unturned when it comes to making women feel miserable and worthless.

  3. The niceness will vanish. He uses the Bible and church doctrine to justify his actions.

  4. The man believes he has the "God-given" right to control the thoughts and actions of his wife, to demand total obedience, and to punish or threaten her if she resists.

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