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Although his motives are usually genuine - protecting his own tenuous employment and sparing his minister from political death - Whelan inevitably ends up in over his head after implicating himself and faces enmity from the criminals, the police, party colleagues and his estranged wife who wants custody of their son. Visitors could use The Brush-Off as a tour guide, discovering Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Domain and Southbank, as well as the inner-city lanes and the glass-walled towers. Each novel follows the protagonist, Murray Whelan, as he attempts to uncover the truth behind murders, fraudulent schemes and shady dealings in and around the suburbs of Melbourne.

Shane maloney

No room to swing a cat, in other words. Murray Whelan may never be adequately rewarded by his bosses for being beaten, throttled, set-up, stalked and occasionally laid; but readers appreciate what he endures.

Shane maloney

Shane maloney

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  1. Right now, for instance, Murray is carrying a bottle of filched chardonnay and playing hide-and-seek in the moonlit Botanic Gardens with the editor of an art magazine who is letting him nuzzle the pom-pom fringe on her mu-mu none of which is a euphemism.

  2. Maloney is a long-term resident of Brunswick , a suburb in Melbourne 's inner north.

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