Saggitarius and scorpio compatibility


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As friends, love of language spills over into books, films and music. They tend to have an intellectual arrogance about themselves are known for their strong sense of will, their refusal to back down from a fight, and their powerful ambition that drives them in life. This duo knows just how to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Saggitarius and scorpio compatibility

This couple often take separate holidays and have separate friends — Sag likes to go on extreme adventures with 50 new acquaintances whereas Scorpio prefers listening to Viking sagas in a Norse bar with one or two long term friends. Yet when this couple argue, the situation becomes even more complicated. His bluntness results in the Scorpio Woman having hurt feelings.

Saggitarius and scorpio compatibility

Saggitarius and scorpio compatibility

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  1. The friction between the Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman can prove a boon or bane.

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