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Any poster, for example, might want to draw attention to the shape of the image, to areas of light and shadow, to the colour and texture of the image. Is there a prize? For example, research shows that bright colours to brighten up a dark working environment can help mental wellbeing.

Saftey pics

Exhibit specifications If you wish your poster to be exhibited at our show in London, please follow the specifications below for the best results. Basically I guess photo vault was never backed up, while just about everything else was?

Saftey pics

Saftey pics

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  1. The only suggestion I have for improvement is bulk organization functions within folders it takes forever to get new pictures from the bottom of the folder to the top by dragging if you have more than images in a folder. The image modifiers work almost better than the Photos app itself, and I use them all the time to crop, sharpen, and enhance lighting.

  2. The poster will be displayed on a screen with an aspect ratio of If you need help with any of the specifications, please email us at competition britsafe.

  3. Commonly, wellbeing is associated with a good life that is socially connected, meaningful activities, an interesting and rewarding job, good physical and mental health and a good balance between your capability and the demands that are placed on you. Finding inspiration For inspiration and great ideas have a look at the Arts Council and Paintings in Hospitals.

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