Purple waffle vagina


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Keep your genital area clean and dry. Conclusion Blue or red waffle might not be considered as an authentic disease yet, but all the signs are not good for your body, taking good care of your genitals will keep you healthy in a long run.

Purple waffle vagina

Where would the women get them in the first place? How to Remove Tattoo? The bacteria grows at the body parts which is moist and warm.

Purple waffle vagina

Purple waffle vagina

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  1. Avoid multiple sex partners and use clean sex toys.

  2. Keep your vagina dry and always wear clean undergarments which are not too tight. This disease can be observed to the prostitutes who have sex with different people.

  3. Consult Doctor for Blue Waffle. Take multivitamins to boost your immune system.

  4. Men with multiple sex partners.

  5. You have right to go with your perception, but we being a safety champions our main goal is to make you aware and warn you about any kind of disease.

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