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Can I bring my child? What do I bring?

Positive fit mandurah

However the convenience of a protein drink after a workout, when your body is really craving protein, is very handy. A good idea might be to try one of our new Muscle Mania or BodySculpt classes as these place a lot of focus on increasing muscle and toning the body through a variety of reps with higher weights pushing you to your next strength level.

Positive fit mandurah

Positive fit mandurah

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  1. We recommend that you eat no later than 1 hour before a workout.

  2. What should I wear?

  3. What is a program vs. Can I bring my child?

  4. People sign up for the program to be assured of their place in their specific and preferred class es and to benefit from the discounted program fee.

  5. The location is exactly the same as our studio is at the same address as the park and we will ALWAYS let you know via our Facebook page: We recommend enclosed footwear is worn at all times and appropriate workout attire in which you feel comfortable.

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