Playing footsie


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If someone plays footsie, they touch or rub someone else's foot under a table as a sign of sexual interest. If someone plays footsie with a person or organization, they show that they like them or are interested in them in an indirect and often insincere way. Playing footsie is an easy, low-pressure way to flirt and initiate physical contact, so try to relax.

Playing footsie

My friend's sister started playing footsie with me during dinner. Playing footsie can range from a mild flirtation to a sexual come-on depending on how it's done.

Playing footsie

Playing footsie

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  1. Someone said that Ruth is playing footsie with Henry. The singer has been playing footsie with all the major record labels.

  2. Henry was playing footsie with the mayor in order to get the contract. Refers literally to secretly pushing or rubbing feet with someone under the table.

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