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I love how he'll hold me and kiss me anywhere in public. We dated for maybe five weeks. It lasted 2 months and we broke up due to a misunderstanding on my behalf, heart-broken, I threw myself into a relationship with a Scorpio without thinking, since I would rather be with someone who could distract me from my feelings than feel that heart-break constantly.

Pices man libra woman

He is ALWAYS there for me - as a shoulder to cry on and he would always dry my tears and remind me what a wonderful person he thought I was. Why in the hell would he get out of his car and try to ring the mofo door bell?

Pices man libra woman

Pices man libra woman

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If it doesn't anger, So Be It. His 'incredible guy' facade looked me light however I inside in love with his furthermore sensitive nature and were- I love that.
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  1. What really took the cake, is when we went out the other night. And when we have sex, it's an all encompassing and spiritual experience, the most beautiful thing ever.

  2. Well I was a shoulder fort him to cry on for weeks and then he moved and got his own place and we were always together doing things. The only problem is she's moving away in a couple of months.

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