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Similar to Krafft-Ebing's work, Forel made the distinction between incidental sexual abuse by persons with dementia and other organic brain conditions, and the truly preferential and sometimes exclusive sexual desire for children. A large-scale survey about usage of different classification systems showed that the DSM classification is only rarely used. Cyproterone acetate Androcur and medroxyprogesterone acetate Depo-Provera are the most commonly used.


A study analyzing the sexual fantasies of heterosexual men by using the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire exam determined that males with a pronounced degree of paraphilic interest including pedophilia had a greater number of older brothers, a high 2D: They state that non-pedophilic offenders tend to offend at times of stress; have a later onset of offending; and have fewer, often familial, victims, while pedophilic offenders often start offending at an early age; often have a larger number of victims who are frequently extrafamilial; are more inwardly driven to offend; and have values or beliefs that strongly support an offense lifestyle.



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  1. He wrote that they usually were the subject of desire when a weak person "makes use of such substitutes" or when an uncontrollable instinct which will not allow delay seeks immediate gratification and cannot find a more appropriate object.

  2. The most common form of this therapy is relapse prevention , where the patient is taught to identify and respond to potentially risky situations based on principles used for treating addictions. Krafft-Ebing describes several typologies of offender, dividing them into psychopathological and non-psychopathological origins, and hypothesizes several apparent causal factors that may lead to the sexual abuse of children.

  3. The DSM-III, published in , contained a full description of the disorder and provided a set of guidelines for diagnosis. Pedophile activism and List of pedophile and pederast advocacy organizations From the late s to early s, several pedophile membership organizations advocated age of consent reform to lower or abolish age of consent laws, [] [] [] as well as for the acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation rather than a psychological disorder , [] and for the legalization of child pornography.

  4. Exclusive pedophiles are sometimes referred to as true pedophiles. Cyproterone acetate Androcur and medroxyprogesterone acetate Depo-Provera are the most commonly used.

  5. He wrote that he had only encountered it four times in his career and gave brief descriptions of each case, listing three common traits: If the attraction is a sexual preference for prepubescent children, such offenders are considered pedophiles in the same vein as exclusive offenders.

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