Paleolithic mesolithic and neolithic


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They did not know how to grow crops and raise livestock, not did they build houses. Although the ancient miners appreciated the necessity of leaving pillars to support the roof, skeletons of workers killed by falls have been discovered at Cissbury, Spiennes, and elsewhere. Early Neolithic farming was limited to a narrow range of plants, both wild and domesticated, which included einkorn wheat , millet and spelt , and the keeping of dogs , sheep and goats.

Paleolithic mesolithic and neolithic

The balance between cultivation and stock breeding varied. At such times the wandering tribes moved southward, then moved back as the weather warmed up again, probably over hundreds and thousands of years.

Paleolithic mesolithic and neolithic

Paleolithic mesolithic and neolithic

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  1. They did not know how to grow crops and raise livestock, not did they build houses.

  2. These developments took place at different times in different places. Cultural adaptations appear to have been made to restricted local areas or niches and to the fluctuations of climate and environment during the changing phases at the end of the Pleistocene range of time.

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