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The leak peaked in the week of Feb. The name CloudBleed took off on social media Thursday when Ormandy's report went public. Added statements from Uber, Fitbit and OkCupid; added more commentary from Google researcher Ormandy and information about 1Password; added comment from 1Password; added link to user help page from Fitbit.

Okcupid com login

The flaw originated in a widely used tool provided by Cloudflare that was meant to help manage and protect internet traffic for the affected websites. While there's no indication that hackers actually accessed usernames and passwords, or a wealth of other private data that people sent over the services, the information was exposed both on corrupted versions of the websites and in cached results on search services like Google and Bing. However, 1Password's Jeffrey Goldberg, who specializes in security, wrote on Thursday that user information was safe nonetheless.

Okcupid com login

Okcupid com login

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  1. He also said he found data from password manager service 1Password and helped purge it from search engine caches.

  2. The company also put together a guide for users on what they can do in response to the bug. However, in his report on the bug, Google researcher Ormandy said Cloudflare's disclosure "severely downplays the risk to [Cloudflare] customers.

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