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And see Ben's words below. Patents are legal, not scientific documents, so the scientific detail is often substandard or absent.


Rob scoured the literature. Ben was featured in the Wall Street Journal for his efforts.



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  1. Every time a drug developer proposes a Phase II trial on the cheap and, yes, I realize that they are all expensive , we should ask whether it should wait until they can afford to treat the volunteers humanely. He was a licensed Realtor, and most recently a project manager for Glennwood Custom Builders.

  2. He was an avid outdoorsman and loved cycling, running, hiking, geocaching, kayaking and camping.

  3. We plan to request a meeting with the FDA to review all of the NP clinical and pharmacology data and, if the results are positive, discuss the required next steps to advance NP toward regulatory filing. Read Rob's last sentence below.

  4. He wanted the same right for himself.

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