Narcissist gaslighting


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They chronically jump to conclusions based on their own triggers rather than stepping back to evaluate the situation mindfully. It's common for people going through workplace gaslighting to try to work even harder to prove themselves to bosses or teammates, which can backfire by increasing anxiety and stress. In other words, a lie that is repeated long enough eventually can be seen as the truth.

Narcissist gaslighting

They do this in order to discredit, confuse and frustrate you, distract you from the main problem and make you feel guilty for being a human being with actual thoughts and feelings that might differ from their own. Perhaps we lacked enough information about the matter.

Narcissist gaslighting

Narcissist gaslighting

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  1. As Tara Moss, author of Speaking Out: Like a frog in slowly boiling water, they become accustomed to the insidious warping of their reality, until they no longer recognize their reality or even themselves.

  2. Feelings of confusion, difficulty making decisions, and constant mental replaying of events that happened are signs of gaslighting as well. After several months, Diana notices that he has more become inexplicably cold and withdrawn.

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