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Almost every city and state has some outdated, old-fashioned or even nonsensical laws on the books, and they can come about for a variety of reasons. It does not apply to non-TSM Websites and mobile applications that may link to the Services or be linked to or from the Services; please review the privacy policies on those Services and applications directly to understand their privacy practices.

Minnesota dumb laws

We cannot promise that an acquiring party or the merged entity will have the same privacy practices or treat your information the same as described in this Privacy Policy. Any information about yourself that you post to the Services will become public information and will be accessible by other users of the Services. Other times, it is simply the result of a hoax being repeated enough times to gain some kind of credibility.

Minnesota dumb laws

Minnesota dumb laws

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  1. Sharing Information With Third Parties 4. This sometimes happens because a real, sensible law has been exaggerated or misunderstood, turning into something that sounds silly or ridiculous.

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