Midlife divorce recovery


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And, in that realization, you're going to hurt and disappoint the very people you never thought you could. These thoughtful women have openly shared their pain and their joy -- and the lessons they came away with following divorce. I became a front line expert on midlife divorce when my own marriage came tumbling down.

Midlife divorce recovery

Only you can do that. In a matter of a few short days, over women have shared their personal experiences with divorce in midlife.

Midlife divorce recovery

Midlife divorce recovery

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  1. Because marriages and divorces are like snowflakes -- no two are exactly alike -- I'm on a mission to learn more about women's experiences with midlife divorce. What finally caused them to pull the plug?

  2. You have a community -- a real, feeling, knowing community. There I was, in my mids, trying to make sense of the dissolution of a nearly year union that had produced three amazing kids.

  3. And thinking about dismantling it is likely the most torturous decision of your life.

  4. The recent stats on midlife divorce are startling.

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