Merrill wi ice drags


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We also have videos of some of these cars making passes! While shuffling across the snow covered lake, I had the opportunity to ask veteran racer Don Woller how to hook on a surface I could barely stand on.

Merrill wi ice drags

Since , the people of Merrill Wisconsin have been running their machines on an eighth mile track cut from the snow of a frozen lake. Our favorite part of this 40 year long tradition is the fact that so much awesomely weird home built stuff shows up. But Don tells us that trial and error has shown thinner sidewalls are faster on the ice.

Merrill wi ice drags

Merrill wi ice drags

But Don circumstances us that grown and hearty has avoided thinner sidewalls are later on the ice. And the side part?. Merrill wi ice drags

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  1. Thanks for freezing your ass of to get these photos, Greg! Don has been around the Merrill Ice Drags for a long time, and was piloting his Alky fed rail in an effort to smash the current mph record of

  2. All of the traditional NHRA safety rules apply, but there are a few additional safety requirements that are mandatory for the ice drags. And even better, Bangshift was able to sweet talk one of these racers into letting us mount one of our cameras in his car for a full boogie pass down this frozen track!

  3. Those of us in southern California are only plagued rain the occasional wind event, but the thought of drag racing in the rain let alone on a frozen river would never cross our minds.

  4. Thanks for freezing your ass of to get these photos, Greg!

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