Little sorority sister quotes


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I know a girl Who will let you cry on her shoulder and will be there for you in times of need.

Little sorority sister quotes

Homecoming, Socials, Parents Weekend, and other Greek activities have given me the opportunity to find out what is unique about each sorority, and I really find wonderful friends among them all. But I challenge you - prove them wrong. At night she may go out and have fun, but she always manages to get everything done.

Little sorority sister quotes

Little sorority sister quotes

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  1. There's perfection, and then there's my little 2 of 23 2.

  2. Keep calm and call your big! Whether you're in her house or not, everyone knows one of these girls.

  3. Who will smile even though she didn't have the greatest day.

  4. Keep calm and call your big!

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