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The number of dB that your noise floor rises when the DC voltage to your preamplifier is switched on gives directly the factor by which the noise floor power increases. Make sure the screen is at least x pixels.


The yellow and the blue controls for the dumb and the smart blanker respectively can be set as close as 5 db to the noise floor. The second screen shows the noise floor going from blue to red when the pulse generator is switched in. The blanker notch filters are implemented with FFTs.



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  1. At this point the digital data stream that enters into Linrad should be optimized. You may arrange your screen for a nice looking like the one shown here, but the only important thing during the first set-up is the S-meter.

  2. Control areas are generally within a window, but an entire window or parts thereof may also be a mouse control.

  3. Also note that the best noise floor that you observe in the first setup might not be the true noise floor. Control areas are generally within a window, but an entire window or parts thereof may also be a mouse control.

  4. The WSE has extremely sharp filters at the passband edges, but the frequency response over the central part of the passband is fairly similar between units. Whether the fft1 resolution really matters depends on the signals.

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