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Pilot projects are currently under way in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Houston metropolitan areas. In his capacity as secretary, Castro has winnowed out a number of disparities facing LGBT homeowners and renters. The only solution that embodies the spirit of sport is to expand equality by embracing diversity.

Lgbt groups san antonio

Opponents of equality would lose some, like in Dallas and Plano, and they would win some, most notably in Houston, where the nondiscrimination ordinance known as HERO was repealed last November. Values like fair play, equality, inclusion and respect. HRC has been on the ground in San Antonio with strategic support and field resources since January to organize support for the ordinance updates, and was proud to partner with the Community Alliance for a United San Antonio CAUSA in bringing the updates to a successful council vote.

Lgbt groups san antonio

Lgbt groups san antonio

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  1. But despite their defeat in Alamo City, conservative and religious groups would regroup and use San Antonio as a playbook for future battles against municipal nondiscrimination ordinances. He wanted San Antonio to be a home for everyone who lives there.

  2. We believe that everyone should be afforded the same access, opportunity and experience both in sport and under the law.

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