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The main thing that Democrats can do, and they can do it without Republican votes, is investigate. If her party backs her — and many ran their campaigns on the promise not to — it would be the second time she wields the gavel.

Leesburg democrats

All Town Council members are elected at large. The question is, will these leaders go there?

Leesburg democrats

Leesburg democrats

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  1. Most new House Democrats are more centrist pragmatists from swing districts who ran on working with Republicans. The new ingredient in the Washington equation is a Democratic House, likely led by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who is running for speaker.

  2. Various federal agencies and cabinet members could become targets, and the administration could face subpoenas. Pragmatists outnumber progressives Much has been made of a looming Democratic schism — the divide between the Bernie Sanders progressive wing and the Hillary Clinton establishment wing — and the problems that this could cause for the party.

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