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Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn was a PBS documentary series, which was filmed on location in seven countries in the spring and summer of Hepburn was enthusiastic about the film, but it met with a tepid response and she was described as miscast. I wasn't prepared for this.

Katharine and audrey hepburn

She saw trainloads of Jews being deported, their faces peering through the slit at the top of meat wagons. The mission was to ferry food to southern Sudan. I was a child observing a child.

Katharine and audrey hepburn

Katharine and audrey hepburn

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  1. Released in , Woman of the Year was another success.

  2. Further friction was created when, although non-singer Hepburn had sung in Funny Face and had lengthy vocal preparation for the role in My Fair Lady, her vocals were dubbed by Marni Nixon , whose voice was considered more suitable to the role. Critics praised the chemistry between the stars, and, says Higham, noted Hepburn's "increasing maturity and polish".

  3. She suffered from malnutrition during World War 2 By , the Germans had tightened the noose around the Netherlands as the threat of Allied invasion looked imminent. Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn were sisters related; mother and daughter; aunt and niece; etc.

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