Karbi girls


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Generally, it is used by females, though there is no such hard and fast rule. There is no fear element in it and there is no need to propitiate any god.

Karbi girls

While the Rongker performed for a village is only of one day's duration, the Wofong Rongker continues for two days. These dresses are woven at their family looms.

Karbi girls

Karbi girls

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  1. Instead of having raised bamboo platforms, the houses are constructed on grounds. Karbi female folk wrap the cloth around their torso as well.

  2. Pekok Khonjari is worn both by young married and unmarried women.

  3. Pini Kamphlak It is the quintessential fashion statement for a Karbi woman irrespective of age or social positions.

  4. Only in the remote interior place, Rikong is found to be used specially by married and aged persons.

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