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These findings suggest a significant improvement in early childhood mortality and increasing mortality trends in 30—year-old adult males. There were an estimated 73 years of life lost among males and 51 among females. The deaths are weighted by life expectancy at each age.

Karala sexx

The 3-year moving average of the age specific death rate is used. The first section describes the trends in premature mortality by age and sex, while the second section describes premature mortality by causes of death.

Karala sexx

Karala sexx

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  1. Data and methods This paper uses data from multiple sources:

  2. It estimates the average years a person would have lived had he or she not died prematurely.

  3. The analysis has been carried out for all India.

  4. This study has been carried out for several reasons. While a declining PYPLL among children is a good sign, the increase in these indices among working age adults is a concern.

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