Ivory soap catfish bait recipe


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Since most gums come pre-packaged, it is convenient bait that is easy to use and transport. Some anglers take catfish on grasshoppers, doughnuts and marshmallows. Chew the gum for a few minutes first.

Ivory soap catfish bait recipe

Chicken skin can also be used as a wrap around pieces of chicken livers. Catfish have a voracious appetite for catalpa worms, a bait many catfish anglers have forgotten or never knew about. Simply thread bite-size pieces onto the hook.

Ivory soap catfish bait recipe

Ivory soap catfish bait recipe

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  1. Fishermen started catching fish and believed it was due to the lubricant. Experimenting with items we can throw on the hook just out of curiosity is also part of the fun.

  2. We can only imagine how they enticed those river monsters, and other highly effective baits used in decades past have almost been forgotten as well.

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