Insecure wife quotes


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It's just another name for insecurity. I know there is a solution to insecurity. When you invent problems in your relationships, your relationships ultimately suffer.

Insecure wife quotes

Say what you mean and mean what you say. You cut back on the time you spend with your friends and limit conversations and texting with them; but he still argues with you and insists that it is too much time with them, and you care about them more than you care about him.

Insecure wife quotes

Insecure wife quotes

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  1. What you need to realize is that there are normal idiosyncrasies to any relationship. Arguing almost always becomes defensive rather than problem-solving When you bring up a topic to try to problem solve in order to get it behind the two of you, he uses it as a forum to brow beat you and repeatedly drives home his point, no matter how hard you try to work toward a solution.

  2. I'll always be too skinny, too fat, too short, too tallToo this, too that.

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