How to unsubscribe from mobile magazine


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Unsubscribe Services Want to unsubscribe from mail in a big batch? If none of these explanations apply, please click here to report the missed issue. What's interesting is, looking at the same messages with Gmail on the desktop and mobile, Email, and other apps with a more prominent unsub option, shows that they don't all recognize the links the same way, nor even support them within the same messages.

How to unsubscribe from mobile magazine

Click here to check the payment status on your account. Sometimes you do it yourself—enter your email address to win that contest! Restart or restore a subscription If your subscription is cancelled, but still active On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.

How to unsubscribe from mobile magazine

How to unsubscribe from mobile magazine

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  1. Tap Menu Select the subscription you want to pause. Tap Manage Set the time period to pause payments.

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