Grit and resilience


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In attempting to define the essence of grit, she has discovered that grit can be related to how much you can inspire yourself, access your passion, and sustain your motivation. Grit, as Duckworth defines it, is having passion and perseverance, sticking to long-term goals and having the emotional stamina to keep going, when others have given up.

Grit and resilience

One theory is the fear of failure as a result of being under increasingly more pressure to perform in order to secure post-graduate training or a desired job. Did you have grand plans, a vision for your new improved life, but somehow your daily life got in the way of reaching those goals?

Grit and resilience

Grit and resilience

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  1. However, the work is well worth your effort because fostering these mindset-expanding traits will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life. By creating smaller goals along the pathway to your larger purpose, you increase your success and the rate in which you accomplish your goals.

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  3. Finally, one abstract for an article-in-press at the time this manuscript was written pertaining to grit was identified at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy AACP Annual Meeting in Interestingly, one of Dweck's studies showed students' maths scores improved when they learnt the neurons in the brain could form newer, stronger connections and over time, they could become smarter.

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