Good flirting questions to ask a girl


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Similar to the previous one, but you can take a deeper look into family matters or what she enjoys the most in her free time. How do you feel about kissing in public? If you had X-Ray vision glasses, would you use them to see under the clothes?

Good flirting questions to ask a girl

If aliens arrived at Earth and they chose you to visit their home planet, would you go with them? Just be subtle and let her say what's in her mind. Can you come over to cuddle?

Good flirting questions to ask a girl

Good flirting questions to ask a girl

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  1. Have you been working out?

  2. What is one thing that gives you butterflies? You can then start telling her what you find sexy in a girl, and you might find she starts trying to show these traits about herself to you.

  3. Stand-up, slapstick, sarcasm, … and it will help you two relate better.

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