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The majority of these poor souls would be eaten alive in one large feast, however some would be decapitated first by means of intense head-twisting. This is a great story, a myth. The evidence for Bigfoot is very weak.


It has rock hard skin, and they twist the heads of their victims until they are decapitated. The Native legend and lore Iroquois and the Seneca are the basis for this belief; the 10 ft giants attack and kill prey including decapitation, and possible even account for raids on villages where they took humans away. This group appears to characterize Genoskwa is as a larger, more aggressive relation of Bigfoot a pseudo-fact that travels around the internet.



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  1. The Genoskwa are also said to exude a horrible odor from their armpits that is described as a mixture between that of a skunk and a dead animal. The four-hour event featured researchers sharing stories of sightings, displaying foot casts of Bigfoot, and photos, audio and video of Bigfoot evidence.

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