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FOBOTs are just that: The bare cores of the electrical cable cannot be connected directly to your toaster, TV, or lamp, but rather, the electrical cable is terminated to a wall plug which is ready for a device to be plugged in or out of it.



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  1. Now, please note—this is not how I make Fobots.

  2. And a lot of teachers as well. Here are the details.

  3. Art , children , Fobots , how to make a fobot , junk , kids , project , recycling , robots , teachers We get a lot of kids in the booth at art fairs.

  4. Next, round up a bunch of cool stuff from that drawer in the kitchen, that workbench in the garage, that aisle at Ace Hardware that has all the fun little parts in drawers, or the flea market. Truth about Patch Panels Q:

  5. Truth about Patch Panels Q:

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