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No girl wants any guy she likes to make the connection between her and vomiting. It can only mean bad news, if not the worst news.

Flirting smiley

The picture is mine. They want you to say "Awwww, poor baby! With so many different options to choose from, how many is too many to use when you're trying to flirt with a woman you're interested in?

Flirting smiley

Flirting smiley

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  1. It's only when the message is unclear that you need to interpret the little devil. That throws everything out of perspective.

  2. Make sure that not every message includes an emoji. Here's what just a few of them mean.

  3. Unlike the angry face, which can be a little playful, most people only use this when they're genuinely uncomfortable or unhappy with something. What does the smiley winky face mean?!

  4. Follow the instructions and watch how your life gets better. Some people might say that's bullshit, that their girlfriend or boyfriend uses it all the time.

  5. Hence the tongue out face. Otherwise, total penis deflation.

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